Comoro Islands Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Ministers of the Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoro Islands/ La Républiqe féderale islamique de Comoros/ Jumhuriyat-al-Ittihadiyah al-Islamiyah (Female Suffrage 1947/56) Independent from France 1975 and constisting of three autonomous parts: Grande Comore, Anjouan and Moheli with their own governments.

Also see Comoro Islands Heads and Anjouan

1991-92 Secretary of State for Population and Women's Affairs
1992-93 High Commissioner Responsible for Women's Affairs             
1993-94 Minister of Social Affairs, Labour and Employment                 
1995 Minister of Social Affairs, Employment and Works  Mahamed Sittou Radhadat
(b. 1952-)

1996-98 Minister-Delegate in charge of Economy and Trade Soiffat Said Bourhan

1998-2001 Director-General of the High Commissariat charged with the Promotion of Women and Social Protection Mme Cheikh Yahaya Moinaecha

2004-06 Minister of State and Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Research Rehema Boinali

2004-06 Secretary of State in charge of Administrative Reform Sitti Binti Maoudoudi

2006-07 Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Industries, Artisans and Environment Sitti Kassim
2012-16 Minister of Employment, Labour, Professional Training, Female Entrepreneurship and Goverment Spokesperson

2013-16 Minister of Post and Telecommunication, Promotion of New Information and Communication Technologies charged with Transports and Tourism Bahat Massoundi

2016- Secretary of State of Tourism Sitti Attoumane




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