Columbia Parliament

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Female Heads of the Parliament of
Colombia (female suffrage 1954)

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The Presidium of the two Chambers of Congress of the Republic are elected each year on 20 July.

1970-74 Vic-President of Senate María Elena Jimmenéz de Crovo
Between 1974-76 Minister of Labour, 1976 Ambassador to Mexico.

2000-01 President of Cámara de Representantes Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez Castañeda
2007-08 President of the Congress and the Senate
Former Secretary General of the Government of Cundinamarea, Acting Governor and Secretary of Environment in the state.
As President of the Chamber of Representatives she was also Vice-President of the Congress.

2004-05 President of the Cámara de Representatnes Zulema del Carmen Jattin Corrales
Former Advisor in various ministries, MP from 1998. (b. 1969-)

2005-06 President of the Congreso and President of the Senado Claudia Blum de Barberi
Senator since 1994.

2005-06 1. Vice-president of the Cámara de Representantes Sandra Velásquez Salcedo

2006-07 President of the Congreso and President of the Senado Dilian Francisca Toro

2010-11 2. Vice-President of the Senate Alexandra Moreno Piraquive
President of Movimiento Independiente de Renovación Absoluta "MIRA" 2003-08 and later Senate Leader.


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