Cocos [Keelings] Islands

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Administrators of The Territory of the Cocos (Keelings) Islands
(Female Suffrage 1949)
In 1992 the Island Council was replaced by the Shire Council. The small atholl together with the Christmas Island make up Australia's Indian Ocean Territories

Australian External Territory

1985-87 Administrator Her Honor Carolyn Stewart (20.11-December)

1988-90/93 Administrator H.H. Dawn Laurie (8.11.88-27.11.90/93?)

1997 Acting Administrator Maureen Ellis (12.4-30.9)

1999-2002 Deputy Administrator Deb(ra) Blaskett
Since 1999 the administrator of Christmas Island is also in charge of Cocos Islands, but the resident Deputy Administrator is in charge.

2008-09 Acting Administrator Sheryl Klaffer
Also Acting Administrator of Christmas Island.



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