Chile Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Ministers of the Republic of Chile/ República de Chile (Female Suffrage: Local 1934, Central 1949) Under Spanish rule till 1810 a war of independence lasted till 1818, when the republic became fully independent


See also Chile Parliament


1931 Subsecretary of Education N.N.


1932 Subsecretary of Education N.N.


1952 Minister of Justice Adriana Olguín de Baltra
1981 Councillor of State (
Consejero de Estado)
Secretary of the Municipality of
Valparaíso 1937-40, Chief of the Women's Office 1946-52, Advisor of the General Controller of the Republic 1962-66, and lived (1915-83).


1952-53 Minister of Health Maréa Teresa del Canto Molina
From 1917 Professor in English at the University of Santiago de Chile. (b. 1898-?)


1958-64 Subsecretary of Finance Vivian Schwartz


1971-72 Minister of Labour Mireya Baltra Moreno
MP 1969-71. (b. 1932-).


1972-73 Secretary of State Inés Vargas
Later married the Leader of the Norwegian Labour Party Reiulf Steen and in 2000 her son-in-law, Raymond Johansen became Norwegian State Secretary of Foreign Affairs and her daughter, Carolina Maira, is a TV-journalist.


1977-83 Minister of Justice Monica Madrige Gotierez
1982-83 Minister of Education
Ambassador to the Organization of American States, OAS 1983-85, she is niece of dictator General Augosto Pinochet. (b. 1942-)


1980 Subsecretary of Economy and Revenue Mariella Corral Barrios


1982 Secretary of The Family Carmen Grez
Later she became Mayor of the Province of Cerro San Cristóbal


1989-90 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Marie Therese Infante Baros


1990-94 Minister for the National Women Service Soledad Alvear Valenzuela
1994-99 Minister of Justice
04 Minister of Foreign Affairs
Leader of the Election Campaign of President Ricardo Lagos Escobar in 1999.
 She was chosen as the Christian Democratic Party's candidate for the primary of the centre-left Concertacion coalition, but she quit the race in May 2005 to pave the way for Michelle Barchelet's nomination as the coalition's candidate. President of the Democracia Cristiana from 2006-09 and declared herself as candidate for the PDC Primary in 2008 for the 2009-elections, but withdrew from the race in October 2008 after disappointing result in municipal election. (b. 1951-).


1990-93 Subsecretary of Justice Marita Wörner Tappia
MP 1994-98.


1990-94 Subsecretary of Labour Paulina Veloso Valenzuela
1994-97 Subdirector of the National Service of Women
2006-07 Minister-Secretary General of the Presidency
Afterwards Professor in Civil Right at the  Universidad de Chile. (b. 1958-).


1990-94 Subsecretary of Natural Resources Pia Figueroa Edwards Nagel


1994-99 Minister of Natural Assets Adriana del Piano Puelma
2000-03 Minister Women’s Affairs
2003-2005 Subsecretary of Regional Development
2005-06 Minister of Interior Affairs
Deputy Leader of the Election Campaign of President Lagos in 1999. And from 2007 Intendent of the
Región Metropolitana de Santiago. (b. 1947-)


1994-2000 Minister of Women's Affairs Josefina Bilbao Mendoza
In 2000 she became Regional Intendant of Region V  of Valparadìso (Including Easter Island) (b. 1936-)

1994-2000 Secretary of Culture Marcia Scantleburt.


1994-2000 Subsecretary of Housing and Urban Development Berta Belma Ruiz
Intendent of Region IX (Araucanía) from 2000.


Circa 1994-99 Subsecretary of Interior Nilda Garré


1994-97 Subsecretary of Regional Development Carolina Echeverría
Subsecretary of Defence in charge of the Navy


1999-2004 Subsecretary of Housing and National Assets Paulina Saball Astaburuaga
Subsecretary of Housing and Urban Affairs
2014- Minister of Housing and Urban Development
(b. 1953-).


2000-03 Minister of Education Prof. Mariana Aylwin Gyarzún
Member of Parliament 1994-99 She is daughter of former President Aylwin. (b. 1950-)


2000-02 Minister of Health Dr. Michelle Bachelet Jeria
04 Minister of Defence
2006-10 President and Head of the Cabinet
2014- President and Head of the Cabinet

osen as the Socialist Party's candidate for the primary of the centre-left Concertacion coalition, but when the Christian Democrat candidate, Soledad Alvear, quit the race in May 2005, she became the coalition's sole candidate for the 2005 elections and the second round in January 2006.
Presidential candidate in 2013. (b. 1952-).


2000-02 Minister of  Planning and Cooperation Alejandra Krauss Valle
Also in charge of Mideplan – the Poverty and Youth programs


2000-06 Subsecretary of Finance María Eugenia Wagner Brizzi


2000-05 Subsecretary of Economy, Mines and Energy in charge of Mines Jacqueline Saintard Vera
National Vice-President of Partido Demócratica Cristiano 1990-92 and Member of the Congress from 1997.

2000-01 Subsecretary of Justice Consuelo Grazmuri Riveros


2000-05 Subsecretary of Economy, Mines and Energy and Executive Secretary of the National Energy Commission Vianne Blanlot Soza


2000-02 Subsecretary of of Housing and Urbanism Sonia Tschorne Berestesky
2004-06 Minister of Housing, Urbanism and National Assets


2000-03 Subsecretary of Labour and Social Security Marigen Adriana Hornkohl Venegas
2003-05 Subesecretary of Education

2005-06 Minister of Education
2008-10 Minister of Agriculture
Ambassador to Germany 2006-08.


2000-01 Subsecretary of the Secretary General of the Government Carolina Tohá Morales
2009-10 Minister and
Secretary General of the Government and Government Spokesperson


2000-03 Subdirector of the Women’s Directorate Kareen Herrera Esparza


2001-05 Subsecretary of the Secretary General of the Government María Eliana Arntz
(b. 1965-)


2002-03 Minister of Planning and Cooperation Cecilia Pérez Díaz
2003-06 Minister of Women's Affairs


2002-04 Subdirector of Women's Affairs Pilar Romaguera Gracia
Subsecretary of Education


2003-05 Subdirector of Women's Affairs Lisette García Bustamante
2006-08 Subsecretary of Social Provision


2003-06 Subsecretary of National Assets in the Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and National Assets
2010 Minister of National Assets Jacqueline Weinstein Levy


2003-05 Subsecretary of Social Provision Macarena de los Ángeles Carvallo Silva
2005-06 Subsecretary of Sports
Governor of  Provincia Cordillera 2002-03. (b. 1973-).


2004-06 Minister of Planning and Cooperation Yasna Provoste Campillay
2006-08 Minister of Education
Provincial Governor of Huasco 2000-02, and Intendent of Region III, Atacama 2002-04, impeached for financial irregularities by both chambers of parliament in 2008. (b. 1970-).


2005-06 Subsecretary of Social Provision Marisol Aravena Puelma
2006-08 Subsecretary of Mines


2005-08 Subsecretary of Public Health Cecilia Villavicencio
Regional Secretary of the Ministry of Health in the Region of Bío Bío 2000-05.


2005-06 Subsecretary of Housing in the Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and National Assets Teresa Rey Carrasco


2005-06 Subdirector of Women's Affairs Myriam Verdugo Godoy


2006-07 Minister of Defence Viviane Blanlot Soza
(b. 1956-).


2006 Minister of Economy, Development and Reconstruction Ingrid Antonijevic Hanh
(b. 1953-).


2006-08 Minister of Planning and Cooperation Clarisa Hardy Roskovan
(b. 1946-)


2006-08 Minister of Health María Soledad Barría
(b. 1954-).

2006- Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs Patricia Poblete Bennett
(b. 1947-).


2006-08 Minister of Mines and Energy Karen Poniachik Pollok
(b. 1966-).


2006-10 Minister of National Assets Romy Schmidt Crnosija
(b. 1966-).


2006-09 Minister and Director of the Women's Directorate Laura Albornoz Pollmann
(b. 1970-).


2006-10 Minister in charge of the National Council for Culture and Arts Paulina Urrutia Fernández
Actress (b. 1970-).


2006-10 Subsecretary of Defence in Charge of the Army Javiera Blanco Suárez
2014-15 Minister of Labour
2015- Minister of Justice


2006-08 Subsecretary of Regional Development Claudia Serrano Madrid
2008-10 Minister of Labour and Social Welfare
(b. 1957-).

2006-10 Subsecretary and National Director of Sports Catalina Depassier
(b. 1968-).


2006-08 Subsecretary of Economy Ana María Correa López
(b. 1970-).

Subsecretary of Finance María Olivia Recart Herrera
(b. 1964-).


2006-08 Subsecretary of Justice Verónica Baraona del Pedregal
2008-10 Subsecretary of Mines


2006-08 Subsecretary of Health Lidia Amarales Osorio
(b. 1944-).


2006-08 Subsecretary of National Assets Lorraine De Laire Peirano


2006-08 Subsecretary of  Agriculture Cecilia Leiva Montenegro
(b. 1945-).


2006-09 Subdirector of Women's Directorate Carmen Andrade Lara
2009-10 Minister of the National Directorate for Women's Affairs
(b. 1955-)


2006-10 Subdirector of Culture and Arts María Eliana Arntz
There were 15 female and 16 male Subsecretaries in the government at the time of her appointment.


2007-10 Minister of Environment Ana Lya Uriarte Rodriguez


2007-08 Subsecretary of Culture Paula Quintana Meléndez
2008-10 Minister of Planning


2008-10 Minister of Education Mónica Jiménez de la Jara


2008-10 Subsecretary of Health Jeanette Vega Morales


2010-11 Minister and Secretary General of the Government Ena von Baer Jahn
Conservative candidate for the Senate 2009. (b. 1974-).


2010 Minister of Work Camila Merino Catalán


2010-11 Minister of Housing Magdalena Matte Lecaros


2010-14 Minister of National Assets Catalina Parot Donoso


2010-13 Minister of Women Carolina Schmidt Zaldívar
2013-14 Minister of Education


2010-14 Minister of Environment María Ignacia Benítez Pereira


2010-14 Subsecretary of the National Police Force and Gendarmerie Carol Bown Sepúlveda


2010-14 Subsecretary of the Ministry of the Secretary General of the Government María Eugenia De la Fuente


2010-14 Subsecretary of Planning Soledad Arellano Schmidt


2010-12 Subsecretary of Justice Patricia Pérez Goldberg
2012-14 Minister of Justice


2010-14 Subsecretary of Public Works Loreto Silva


2010-14 Subsecretary  of Public Health Liliana Jadue Hund


2010-14 Subsecretary of Public Health Giovanna Gutiérrez Panchana


2010-14 Subsecretary of Energy  Jimena Bronfman Crenovich


2010-14 Subsecretary of Transport Gloria Hutt Hesse


2010-14 Subdirector of the National Service of Women María Paz Lagos


2010-14 Director of the Budget Rosanna Costa


2011-13 Minister of Labour and Social Security Evelyn Matthei Fornet
MP 1990-98, Senator 1998-2011 and Presidential Candidate of the right wing in 2013 and came in second after Michelle Barchelet

2011-13 Subsecretary of Social Development Loreto Seguel King
2013-14 Minister of Women's Affairs

2012-14 Secretary General of the Government and Government Spokesperson Cecilia Pérez Jara
Subsecretary of Women's Affairs 2008-11, Secretary General and Vicepresident of the Renovación Nacional party in 2011, 2011-12 Intendent of Region Metropolitana de Santiago. (b. 1974-)

Until 2014 Subsecretary of the Interior María Claudia Alemparte


2014-15 Minister Secretary General of the Presidency Ximena Rincón González
2015- Minister of Labour and Social Security
Intendent of the Metropolitian Region of Santiago 2005-06 and Senator 2010-14 (1968-)

2014- Minister of Mining Aurora Williams
2014-15 Minister of Social Development Maria Fernanda Villegas
2014-15 Minister of Health Helia Molina
2014-15 Minister of Culture Claudia Barattini

2014- Minister of Sports Natalia Riffo
2014- Minister of Women Claudia Pascual
The first communist member of he government since 1973.

2014- Deputy Secretary General of the Presidency Patricia Silva

2014- Subsecretary of Economy, Development and Tourism for Economy and Small and Medium-sized Entreprises Katia Truich

2014- Subsecretary of Economy, Development and Tourism for Tourism Javiera Montes

2014- Subsecretary of Energy Jimena Jara

2014- Subsecretary of Health Heidi Berener

2014- Subsecretary of Health Angélica Verdugo

2014- Subsecreaty of Sports Nicole Sáez

2014- Subsecretary of Educaiton Valentina Quiroga

2014- Subdirector of Women Gloria Maira

2014- Subdirector of the National Council of Culture and Arts Lilia Concha

2015- Minister of Health Carmen Castillo



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