Chad Parliament

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Female Heads of the Parliament of
(Female Suffrage 1946/56) Autonomous Republic within the French Community 1958 Independent 1960 

See also Chad Ministers or Chad Heads

Assemblée nationale du Tchad

Vice-President of the l'Assemblée Nationale Elise Ndoadoumngue Ne'loumsei Loum
Minister of Social Action and Family
2001-02. Vice-President of the Parliament of the African Union 2004-09. Other versions of her name are Elise Loum Ndoadoumngué Néloumseď  or
Loum N. Néloumseï Elise.

2002-08 Vice-Questeur of the l'Assemblée Nationale Dénéram Miantamaré Salomé
Around 1996
 Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and later Delegate Administrator, Chief of the 5th Municipal Arrondissement of the Town of  N'djaména

2011- 4 Vice-président Fatimé Tchombi Djimadingar

2011- 1. Secretary Hapsita Alboukhari Souleymane

2011- 1 Questeur Habiba Sahoulba Gontchomé

2011- 2. Questeur Ildjima Abdraman



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