Cayman Islands Ministers

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Female Ministers of Cayman Island (Female Suffrage 1944 - was part of Jamaica till it became independent in 1963)
British Colony

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Circa 1945-58 Secretary to the Commissioner Frances Bodden

1958-64 Secretary to the Commissioner Sybil McLaughlin
64-84 Clerk of the Executive Council
1996-98 Minister of Education
Also Clerk of the Legislative 1964-84 and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly 1991-96. (b. 1928-)

1997-2000 Minister of Community Development, Sports, Youth Affairs and Culture 
2003-04 Minister of Community Affairs, Sports, Women, Youth and Culture
2004-05 Minister for Planning, Communications, District Administration and IT
2009 Deputy Leader of Government Business
2009-13 Minister for District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture
2009-12 Environmental Health, Telecommunication and Gender Affairs

2009-12 Deputy Premier
2012-13 Premier and Minister of Finance Juliana O’Connor-Connolly
Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
2001-03 and from 2013 and Deputy Leader of the United Democratic Party 2009-2012 and Leader of People's National Alliance in 2013. The title Leader of Government Business changes to Premier in November 2009 as part of constitutional changes. She was appointed Premier after the former incumbent was removed from office in a vote of no confidence after he was held and questioned by the police on charges of corruption.

2000-01 Minister of Community Development, Sports, Youth Affairs and Culture Edna Moyle
Secretary to the Governor, Deputy Clerk of the Legislative Assembly and Member of the Assembly from 1992, Deputy Speaker 1996-2000 and Speaker 2005-09. (d. 2013)

2001- Clerk of the Executive Council and Cabinet Office Carmena Parsons

2005-11 Solicitor General Cheryll Richards
Appointed Director of Public Prosecutions in 2011

2011- Solicitor General Jacqueline Wilson

2013- Minister of Labour and Gender Affairs Tara Rivers
Member of the Legislative Assembly for C4C, Coalition for Change, from 2013.

2013- Governor Helen Kilpatrick
Former Deputy Chief Executive of the West Sussex County Council and Acting Home Office Permanent Secretary and Accounting Officer 2012-13


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