Cape Verde Ministers

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Female Ministers of The Republic of Capo Verde Islands/Ilhas de Cabo Verde (Female Suffrage 1975) Portuguese Colony circa 1460-1975, Independent 1975, in an Union with Guinea Bissau till 1980

See also Capo Verde Parliament

1991-93 Secretary of State for Fisheries
1993-94 Minister for Fisheries, Agriculture and Rural Development
1993-97 Minister Coordinator of CILSS
1995-98 Minister of the Sea
1998-2001 Minister of Tourism and Transport and Marine Affairs Dr. Maria Helena Nobre de Morais Querido Semedo
(b. 1959-)

1992-93 Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Youth Dr. Odina Maria Fonesca Rodrigues Ferreira
1993-94 Minister of Culture and Communication
1994-96 Minister of Public Administration and Parliamentary Affairs
1995-96 Minister of Education and Sports
First Vice-President of the Assemblia Nacional 1996-2001.

1993-circa 96 Permanent Undersecretary in the Office of the President Manuela Monteiro

1996-98 Secretary of State for Administration and Administrative Reform Dr. Ana Paula Almieda
1998-99 Secretary of State of Employment, Training and Social Integration
1999-2001 Secretary of State of Public Administration

1996-98 Secretary of State for Social Promotion Dr. Manuela Teresa de Jesus Alves Silva Gomes
1998-2001 Secretary of State for the Fight Against Poverty
(b. 1956-)

1998-2001 Minister of Employment, Training and Social Integration Dr. Orlanda Maria Durate Santos Ferreira
(b. 1959)

1999-01 Secretary of State for the Communities/Capverdians Abroad Marly de Meneses Barbosa-Vincente
Consular postings since the 1960s, Consul General in Rotterdam 1991-96, Ambassador to Denmark, Estonia, Finland Iceland, Norway and Sweden and the Netherlands 1996-99. (b. 1938-)

2000-01 Minister of Justice and Internal Administration Januária Tavares Silva Mareira da Costa
(b. 1963-)

2000-01 Adjunct Secretary of State for the Minister of Education, Science, Youth and Sports Filomena Maria Frederico Delgado Silva
Secretary General of the Ministry 1997-2000. (b. 1954-)

2001-06 Minister of Justice Maria Cristina Lopes Almeida Fontes Lima
2001-02 Minister of Local Administration
2002-04 Minister of Interior

2004-06 Minister
Adjunct to the Prime Minister and Government Spokesperson
Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers,
2006-11 Minister National Defence and State Reform
2011-16 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health

Cristina Fontes Lima was second in Cabinet 2006-08 and fourth from 2008. In 2014 she was candidate for the leadership of the then governing party, PAIC in 2014. (b. 1958-).

2001 Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Maria Madalena de Brito Neves
2002-08 Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries
2008-11 Minister of Labour, Vocational Training and Social Solidarity
Madalena Neves is a former Government Advisor and Civil Servant (b. 1956-).

2001-02 Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs Fatima Lima Veiga
04 Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Communities
Ambassador to Cuba 1999-2001, to the United Nations 2004-07 and to USA from 2007
. (b. 1957-)

2001-02 Secretary of State of Local Government Edeltrudes Pires Neves
2002-04 Minister of State Reform, Public Administration and Decentralisation

2001-04 Secretary of State of Youth Maria de Jesus Veiga Miranda Mascarenhas
2014-16 State Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Ambassador to Belgium until 2014.

2004-Minister of Education Filomena de Fátima Ribeiro Vieira Martins
2004-06 Human Resources

2006-08 Minister of Higher Learning
Nomally known as Filomena Martins.

2006-08 Minister Adjunct to the Prime Minister and Minister of Qualification, Human Resources, Employment, Social Communication and Parliamentary Affairs
2008-11 Minister of Decentralization
2008-12 Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning
2011-12 Minister of Enviroment
2012-14 Minister of Infrastructure and Maritime Economy Sara Maria Duarte Lopes
2014-16 Minister of Environment, Housing and Territorial Administration

2006-08 State Secretary of Agriculture Rosa Fortes

2006-08 Adjunct Secretary of State of the Minister of Finances and Public Administration Leonesa Fortes
2014-16 Minister of Tourism, Investment and Business Development

2006-16 Minister of Finances and Public Administration Cristina Isabel Lopes da Silva Monteiro Duarte
Cristina Duarte is an economist and international banker.

2008-09 Minister of Economy and Competitiveness Fátima Maria Carvalho Fialho
Economist, former banker and former civil servant. (b. 1951-).

2008-11 Minister of Justice Marisa Helena do Nascimento Morais
2011-16 Minister of Internal Administration

2008-11 Minister of Education and Higher Education Vera Valentina Benrós de Melo Duarte Lobo de Pina

2008-11 Minister of the Presidency of the Ministers and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Janira Isabel Fonseca Hopffer Almada
2011-16 Minister of Youth, Employment and Human Resources Development
Janira Hopffer Almada was elected MP in 2008 and became Leader of the then governing party, Partido Africano da Independência de Cabo Verde, PAICV in 2014, and was candidate for the post of Prime Minister at the 2016-elections. (b. 1978-).

2011-16 Minister of Education and Sports Fernanda Maria de Brito Marques

2011-16 Minister of Rural Development Eva Verona Teixeira Ortet

2011-16 Minister of Communities Fernanda Tavares Fernandes

2014-16 State Secretary of Finance Esana Carvalho
Director General of the Treasury until 2014.

2016- Minister of Justice, Labour and the Electoral Process Janine Lélis
Vice-President of the governing party; Movimento para a Democracia

2016- Minister of Infrastructure, Territorial Planning and Housing Eunice Silva

2016- Minister of Education, Familiy and Social Inclusion, Higher Education and Science Maritza Rosabal


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