Cameroon Ministers

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Female Ministers of the United Republic of Cameroon/ La République Unie de Cameroun (Female Suffrage 1946/56) 1884-1916 administered by Germany, afterwards East Cameroon was administered by France as a Trusteeship for the League of Nations and United Nations til 1959 when it became independent. In 1961 the East was joined by the former British Trusteeship of Southern Cameroon, a Federation with separate State governments until it became an unitarian state in 1979.

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1970-75 Vice-Minister of Health and Public Welfare Delphine Zanga Tsogo
1975-84 Minister of Social Affairs
President of the National Council of Women 1964-85. (b. 1935- )

1975-82 Vice-Minister of Education Dr. Dorothy Limunga Njeuma
1982-84 Minister-Delegate for Education

1983-88 Vice-Minister for Planning af Industries Elisabeth Tankeu
1988-90 Minister for Planning and Regional Integration
2003- Commissioner of Industry and Tade of the African Union.
From 1976-79 Deputy Director and 1980-83 Director of Planning.
 (b. 1944-)

1984-88 Minister of Social Affairs Rose Zang Nguélé
Since 1988 Vice-President of the National Bureau of the Cameroun People's Democratic Movement. (b.1943- )

1984-2000 Minister of Women's Promotion Aïssatou Boubakari Yao (Yao Aïssatou)
1988-97 Minister of Social Affairs (Third minister in the cabinet)
Deputy Director of Finance 1981-85 and since 1985 President of the Women's Wing of the Party.

1984-87 Secretary of State for Health Isabelle Bassang-Akouma-Manneyeng
1987-89 Minister of Health
Assistant Secretary of the Cameroun People's Democratic Movement for the Press, Information and Program 1984-88, Ambassador to EEC, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg since 1989. (b. 1937- )

1985-93 Secretary of State of National Education Christine Ngomba-Eko
(b. 1938- )

1992-93 Secretary of State for Industrial-, Regional- and Commercial Development Louise-Marie Abojo Nkono

1993-97 Secretary of State of Education Isabelle-Marie Tokpanou Nec Atchou

1997-2000 Minister of Health Marie Madeleine Fouda
2000-02 Minister of Social Affairs

1997-2000 Minister-Delegate in the Presidency for Supreme State Audit Lucy Gwanmessia

2000-01 Minister of Women (Princess) Julienne Ngo Sonu

2000-04 Minister-Delegate of the Presidency for Supreme State Audit Mama Njiemoum  

2000-01 Secretary of State of Transport Dr. Nana Aboubakar Diallo

2000-01 Secretary of State of Industrial and Commercial Development
04 Secretary of State of Primary Education
2004-09 Minister of Primary Education Haman Adama née Halimatou Mahonde

04 Minister of Women’s Promotion Catherine Bekang Mbock
2004-15 Minister of Social Affairs
Her full name is Catherine Louise Marinette Ngo Ndeby épouse Bakang Mbock or Bakang Mbock née Ngo Ndbei, and she is educated in Paris and worked in the Ministry of Economy and Plan since 1986. (b. 1955-)  

2002-04 Minister of Social Affairs Cécile Bomba Nkolo

2004-09 Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation Madeleine Tchuenté

2004-09 Minister of Women's Promotion Suzanne Bomback

2004-07 Secretary of State of Commerce Ama Tutu Muna
2007- Minister of Arts and Culture

2004-11 Secretary of State of Secondary Education Catherine Abena

2009- Minister of Women’s Empowerment and the Family Marie Therese Abena Ondoa née Obama
Also known as Madame Abena Ondoa née Obama Marie Therese

2009- Minister of Basic Education Adidja Youssouf née Alim
Also known as Madame Youssouf née Adidja Alim

2009-11 Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Clemantine Antoinette Ananga Messina née Beyene
Also known as Madame Ananga Messina née Beyene Clemantine Antoinette
Resten er de samme

2011- Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation Madeleine Tchuinte

2011- Minister of Areas, Land Registry and Land Affairs Jacqueline Koung a Bissike

2011- Secretary of State of Housing Marie Rose Dibong née Biyong

2015- Minister of Social Affairs Pauline Irène Nguene née Kendeck
2015- Minister of Post and Telecommunication Minette Libom Li Likeng née Mendomo 
2015- Delegate-Minister of the Presidence charged with State Control Rose Ngwari Mbah Acha née Fomundam

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