Cambodia Ministers Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Ministers of the Kingdom of Cambodia/ Roat Cambodia/ Peah reach anapahchanakr Kampuchea (Female Suffrage 1955) The former Khmer Empire became a French Protectorate 1863, achieved independence within the French Union as an associate state in 1949, an independent 1953 Kingdom till 1970,  Republic 1970-93 and Kingdom again since 1993

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1958-59 Secretary of State for Labour and Social Action Tong Siv Eng
1959-61 Minister of Social Action
1963-68 Minister of Health
First female MP 1957-70 and played an unheralded but crucial behind-the-scenes role in helping to end Cambodia's protracted civil war in the late 1980s.In 1987 and 1988, she brokered the first three meetings between then-prince Sihanouk and Prime Minister Hun Sen, leaders of opposing factions in the civil war, which triggered a process that led to the Paris Peace Accords in 1991, ending more than 20 years of civil war. She and her husband, Pung Peng Cheng, 83, have been among Sihanouk's closest aides during the monarch's six decades in Cambodia's political spotlight. She also thought Sihanouk's 12 children. Her husband held a number of ministerial posts and is today ''supreme adviser'' to the king. Mother of two children. Her daughter, Kek Galabru is the head of a human rights organization. Tong Siv Eng lived (1919-2001)
1962-66 Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Labour Tip Man

1966-70 Secretary of State for National Education Diep Dinar

1966-69 Undersecretary of State for Tourism Nou Neou

1969 Secretary of State for Information Chine Renne

1969 Secretary of State for Tourism Ung Mung
1970-72 Undersecretary of State for Tourism

Until 1975 Vice-Minister of Popular Education and Education in the Government of Kampuchea 
1975-76 Minister of Education in the Khmer Rouge Government 
1981-82 Minister of Education in exile-government recognized by the UN
1982 Minister of Social Affairs Ieng Thirith
Considered to be the most powerful women during the Khmer Rouge-regime. Member of the exile-government presided over by Prince Sihanouk, and later in the Khmer Rouge horror regime. Member of the Central Committee of the Socialist Party of Pol Pot, and around 1982 Secretary General of Foreign Affairs of the Party. She was married to the Ieng Sary, Foreign Minister of Pol Pot. Her sister, Khieu Ponnary, was married to Pol Pot. Born as Khieu Thirith (b. 1935-).

1976-79 Minister of Culture and Education Yun Yat
1981-circa 83 Minister of Culture in Exile-government
Married to Deputy Premier and Minister of Defence Son Sen of the Red Khmers. In 1997 they were both killed together with 10 other family members by Pol Pot, leader of the Red Khmers

1980-(93) Deputy Minister of Social Affairs and Health Chey Kahn Nha
In Government inside Cambodia which was supported by Vietnam.

Circa 1990-91? Minister of Industry Ho Han

1992 Vice-Minister of Culture Princess Norodom Bopha Devi of Cambodia
2004 Minister of Culture and Fine Arts
Oldest daughter of King Nodorom Shianouk's 14 children with 6 wifes (many of whom died during the civil war). Princess Bopha Devi has been married four times with three Princes of Cambodia of the Sisowath family and Bruno Forsinetti. Her daughter with him is Princess Norodom Chansita (1959-), and with her other husbands she has got two daughters and two sons with the title of Princess/Prince Sisowath. She lived in exile in Paris for a number of years and was leader of The Royal Cambodian Ballet at the time of her appointment to the cabinet. Her rank and title of Princess is H.R.H. Samdech Botrei Preach Ream (b. 1943-)

1998-2004 Minister of Women's Affairs and Veterans Mu Sochua
Returned from 18 years in exile in 1991 and founded a NGO, Special Advisor on Women's Affairs to the Prime Minister 1995-98 and Deputy Secretary General of SRP from 2004. (b. 1959-).

1998-2000 Secretary of State of Justice Ly Vouch Leng
Later President of the Court of Appeal and from 2000 Secretary General of the newly established Council for Judiciary Reform

1998-2004 Secretary of State of Women's Affairs and Veterans and Veterans Ung Kunthea Thavery 

2004 Secretary of State of Veterans You Ay

1998-2008 Secretary of State of Women's Affairs
Asmbassador to Thailand from 2008.

1998- Secretary of State of Social Affairs, Vocational Training and Youth Rehabilitation Prak Chantha

1999 State Secretary for Women's Affairs and Veterans Ing Kanthia Phavi
2004- Minister of Women's Affairs

2001-04 Under Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Sun Saphoeun
From 2004 Ambassador to the European Union, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

2004-08 Senior Minister and Minister of Parliamentary Relations and Inspection Men Sam An
2008- Permanent Deputy Prime Minister
2011- Minister of
Relations with the National Assembly and Senate and Inspection
Also known as Mem San An or Men San Orn, she was
Member of the Politburo  of the Cambodian People’s Party (Communist) 1986-93 and later of the Standing Committe, Member of the Permanent Committee of the National Assembly and Chairperson of the Public Health, Social and Women's Affairs’ Committee 1998-2004. There were 15 Ministers of State and 7 Vice-Premiers in the government with a total of 180 members in the period 2004-08.

2004- Secretary of State of Women's Affairs Khim Chamreoun

2004-08 Secretary of State of Women's Affairs Som Kim Sour
2008-11 Minister of Relations with the National Assembly and Senate and Inspection
General Auditor for the National Audition Authority from 2011.

2004- Secretary of State of Women's Affairs Im Sithe

Secretary of State of Women's Affairs Chan Sorie
Another transcription of her name is Chan Sorey.

2004- Secretary of State of Health Ouk Bunna
Another transcription of her name is
Ouk Monna

2004-08 Secretary of State of Tourism Princess Norodom Rathnatevi
Other versions of her name are
Naradhama Ratna Devi or Norodom Radanathev. She is daughter of Prince Norodom Ranariddh, former First Prime Minister and President of the National Assembly from 1998, the son of King Norodom Sihanouk and Princess Marie. (b. 1974-).

2008- Secretary of State of Interior and Chairperson of National Committee to Lead the Suppression of Human Trafficking Chou Bun Eng
Former Director General for social development of the Ministry of Women's Affairs.

2008- Secretary of State of Justice Chan Sotheavy
A judge and Under-Secretary of State of Justice 2004-08.

2008-13 Secretary of State of Education, Youth and Sport Phoeurng Sackona
2013-16 Minister of Culture Culture and Fine Arts
Her name is also transcribed as Phoeung Sakona

2008- Secretary of State of Women's Affairs Kheng Samvada

2008- Secretary of State of Women's Affairs Sy Define

2008- Secretary of State of Women's Affairs San Arun

2008- Secretary of State of Women's Affairs Sivann Botu
The government appointed in 2008 had 1 female Deputy Prime Minister, 1 female minister and 12 female Secretaries of State out of a total of 9 Deputy Prime Ministers, 16 Senior Ministers, 26 Ministers, 172 Secretaries of State.



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