Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Ministers of Burkina Faso/République Populaire de Burkina (till 1984 Upper Volta), Female Suffrage 1946/56) Independent 1960

Also see Burkina Faso Local Leaders

1958 Minister of Social Welfare, Housing and Labour Célestine Ouezzin Coulibaly née Makouau Traoré
1958-59 Minister of Social Affaris and Labour
Widow of Premier Minister Daniel
Ouëzzin Coulibaly who died 1958. His successor, Maurice Yaméogo, appointed her to the cabinet. 1959-61 she was Representative of the Republic of Upper Volta (Haute-Vota) in the Senate of the French Community and Deputy in 1959. (b. 1914)

1974-78 Secretary of State for Social Affairs Madame Traoré Moïse Alassane née Fatimata Sigué
1978-89 Minister of Social Affairs and the Condition of Women
Also known as
Fatimata Traoré

1978-80 Minister of National Education and Culture Konaté Domba

1980-83 Minister of Social Affairs and Women Marie-Madeleine Sansu Koné

1983-85 Minister of Justice Marie-Louise Mignau

1983-85 Minister of Social Affairs and Women Pauline Kambou Hien

1985-87 Minister of Culture Bernadette Sanour
1999-2000 Minister of Rural Integration
Her full name is Sanour Mohammed Soanour Bernadette Topan.

1985-87 Minister of Social- and Family Affairs Joséphine Ouedraogo
2014- Minister of Justice, Human Rights, Civic Promotion and Keeper of the Seals

1987-91 Minister of Finance Bintou Sango

1987 Minister of Commerce N.N.

1987 Minister of Culture Aminata Salambéré née Ouedraogo
1987-92 Secretary of State for Culture
In 1981-84 Secretary General FESPA, 1984-86 Press Attaché in the Embassy in France, 1986-87 Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, 1992- Director General of Culture and Communication of the Agency of Cultural and Technical Co-operation in Paris. Mother of 5 daughters (b. 1942- )

1987-91? Minister of Environment and Tourism Béatrice Damiba
Later Ambassador to Italy and FAO etc.

1987-88 Secretary of State of Social Action
1988-97 Minister of Basic Education and Mass Alphabetization
1995-97 Minister of Water Supply
1997-99 Minister of Women’s Promotion Alice Solange Kaboret epousé Tiendrébéogo

1990-91 Minister of Trade and Community Supplies Noélíe Victoire Koné Tou
1991-92 Minister, Secretary General of The Government
From 1975-85 Economic Councillor, Director of International Financial Relations, 1989-90 and 1992-95 Economic Advisor to the President. (b. 1950-)

1991-92 Minister of Culture Noëlle M. B. Bamiba

1991-92 Minister of Civil Service and Modernization of Administration
1994-97 Minister of Civil Service and Administration Organization
1997-99 President of the Economic and Social Council
-2002 Minister of Civil Service and Institutional Development Juliette Yeredon Yaméogo Bonkoungou
The Economic and Social Council are the supreme advisory body of the President. She is a former judge and Head of the Broadcasting Corporation. (b. 1954- )

1991-93 Deputy Minister for Social- and Family Affairs
1993 Deputy Minister of Social- and Cultural Affairs
1993-94 Deputy Minister for Social- and Family Affairs
1994-95 Minister of Social Affairs and Family Akila Balembaogo Hove Bationi

1991-93 Minister of Youth and Sports Marlene Zebango
From 1990 Secretary General of Parti de Convergence pour les Libertés et l'integration.

1991 Minister-Delegate to the Minister of Special Tasks by the Premier Minister Elisabeth Yanivi née Ouchraego

1991-95 Minister-Delegate of Information and Culture in charge of Culture Martine Bounou Tapsoba

1995-99 Minister of Social Welfare and Family Bona Ouandaogo née Maiga
Between 1985-95 President of Burkina Red Cross, 1994-95 Vice-President of the Economic and Social Council.

1995-96 Minister-Delegate of Public Works, Housing and Town Planning
1996-97 Minister of Transport and Tourism
1997-99 Minister of Regional Integration Vivianne Yolande B. Compaoré née Ouedraogo
Director General of International Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1994-95.

1999-2008 Minister of Promotion of Women Gisèle Guigma
Her full name is
Mariam Maria Gisèle Guigma née Diasso

1999-2000 Deputy Minister of Finance for Economic Development Anne Konaté née Konde
2000-01 Minister-Delegate of the Prime Minister charged with Economic Development
2001-02 Minister-Delegate of the Minister of Finance and Economy charged with Economic Development
She was Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1984-86, 1986-90 Ambassador to Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, The Gambia and Cape Verde and to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania 1990-99. Mother of one daughter. (b. 1950-)

1999-2000 Secretary of State Dieudonné Marie Compaoré

1999-2002 Secretary of State of Literacy and Non-Formal Education Jeanne Somé

2000-02 Secretary of State of Human Rights Monique Ilboudé
2002-07 Minister of Human Rights
Ambassador to Denmark from 2008.

2002-05 Minister of Social Action and National Solidarity Mariam Lamizana née Traoret

2002-05 Secretary General of the Government and the Council of Ministers
2005-11 Minister of Primary and Literacy Education Marie Odile Bonkougou née Balima
She was Vice-Secretary General 2001-02.

2005-12 Minister of Social Action and Solidarity Pascaline Tamini Bihoun

2006-07 Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism Aline Kouala

2007-11 Minister of Human Rights Salamata Sawadogo née Tapsoba

2007-11 Minister-Delegate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Cooperation, charged with Regional Cooperation Minata Samate né Cessouma

2008-11 Minister of Women's Affairs Celine M. Yoda née Konkobo

2008-11 Minister-Delegate of Budget attached to the Economy and Finance minister Marie Therese Drabo-Keita

2011 Minister charged with Relations with the Parliament Tibo dite Cécile Beloum née Oouedraogo 

2011-14 Minister of Social Policy and National Solidarity Clemence Traore née Some

2011-14 Minister of Women’s Promotion Nestorine Sangare née Compaore

2013-14 Minister of Justice and Guardian of the Seals Salamata Sawadogo née Tapsoba

2013-14 Minister of National Education and Alpabetisation Koumba Boly née Barry

2014- Minister of Social Action and National Solidarity Bibiane Ouedraogo née Boni

2014- Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Gender Nicole Angéline Zan née Yelemou

2014- Minister Delegate to the Minister of Economy and Finance for the Budget Amina Bambara née Billa


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