British Virgin Islands Ministers

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Female Ministers of the British Virgin Islands (Female Suffrage 1951 as part of Leeward and Windward Islands) British Colony

Also see British Virgin Islands Parliament

circa 1971-78 Attorney General Paula F. Beaubrun
Member of the Legislative Council. -1968- Magistrate, Registrar and Provost Marshall of West Indies Associated States Supreme Court, resident in Montserrat

1975-ca.83 Clerk to the Executive Council Y. McKentney

1979 Acting Attorney-General Ms. Hammilton-Gayle
Member of the legislative Council

1983 Government Clerk Ms. Borde
Clerk of the Legislative Council 1971-83

1983-2000 Government Clerk Phyllis Shirley  

1986-95 Permanent Secretary to the Chief Minister Lorna Smith  
1998-2002 Peridodically Acting Deputy Governor
2002 Acting Deputy Governor (05.10-14.10.02)

Acted as Deputy Governor on various occasions, while the Deputy Governor served as Governor in the absence of the Governor. She is f
ormer Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communications and Works and Executive Director of the BVI International Finance Centre and now  Director of BVI London Office. She is married to Opposition leader the Hon. Dr. Orlando Smith.

1992-99 Attorney-General Dancia Penn-Sallah
2004-07 Deputy Governor
2006 Acting Governor (10-18.04)
Deputy Preimer and Minister of Health and Social Development
As Attorney General she was ex-officio member of the Executive Council and Legislative Council. Acting governor on different occations but in 2006 she acted in the interim between two governors. Acting Judge of the Court of Appeal of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in 2007 and member of the Legislative Assembly from 2007. (b. 1951-).

1997-2000 Minister for Health, Education, Culture and Welfare Eileene L.S. Parsons
1999-2000 Deputy Chief Minister
Minister for Natural Resources and Labour
Eileene Parsons was member of the Legislative Council
1995-2000 as one of the two first women elected to political office. Member of the House of Assembly again 2003-07 and Deputy Speaker 2003-05.

2000-03 Minister of Health and Welfare Ethlyn Smith
Accountant General 1970-76, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Communications and Works 1976-89, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Natural 1989-92. MP 1995-2003 and leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement or CCM until 2003 when she ran as a Virgin Islands Party member and lost by 3 Votes to newcomer Delores Christopher. (b. 1940-)

2004 Acting Deputy Governor Lisa E. Penn-Lettsome (January-September)
She was
Permanent Secretary for Administration until her retirement in 2004.

2007-10 Attorney General Kathleen Quartey
Formerly Attorney in Washington in USA and
Chief State Attorney for the Ministry of Justice in Accra in her native Ghana in 1999-2007. As Attorney General she is ex-officio member of the Executive Council and the National Assembly. (b. 1953-).

2008- Deputy Governor Vivian Inez Archibald
2010 Acting Governor (7-20. August)
2014 Acting Governor (1-15. August)
member and Chairperson of the BVI Public Service Commission, the BVI Judicial and Legal Services Commission, the BVI Income Tax Appeal Board and the Family Support Network and Speaker of the Legislative Council 2003-07.

2015- Juinior Minister Alvera Maduro-Caines


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