Botswana Parliament

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Heads of the Parliament of The Republic of Botswana
(Female suffrage 1961) Formerly a British Protectorate under the name of Bechuanaland, independent republic 1966

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Circa 1998-? Clerk of the National Assembly Constance Mompei

2003-04 Chairperson of the House of Chiefs Paramount Chiefess Kg˘si Mosadi Seboko a Mokg˘si of Balete

2004-08 Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Gladys T.K. Kokorwe
2014- Speaker

Assistant Minister of Local Government 1999-2004, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture 2008-09 and Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mauritius and Mozambique 2009-13.

2009-14 Speaker of the National Assembly Margaret Nasha,
Former TV-journalist and Civil Servant, 1991-94 Ambassador to United Kingdom, 1994-97 Assistant Minister and 1997-98 Minister of Local Government, Lands and Housing, 1998-99 Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Affairs and 1999-2009 Minister of Local Government.


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