Bosnia-Herzegovina Ministers

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Female Ministers of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina/ Republika Bosna i Hercegovina (Female Suffrage 1949) Formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Joined the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes 1918, the later Yugoslavia, Independence 1992

Also see Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Srpska

194... Minister of Education Dušanka Kovačević
Until 1953 Deputy Minister
1953... Member of the Executive Council
President of Chamber for Education and Culture of the Assembly 1960's.

1961-63 Secretary for Informations Desa Koštan
(b. 1919)

1963-65 Secretary for health and social politics Dara Ćetković
(b. 1921)

1960's Member of the Executive Council Danica Erak
(b. 1922)

1960's Member of the Executive Council Sida Marjanović

1960's Member of the Executive Council Jamila Hadžimustafić
Circa 1970 President of the Chamber of Social Affairs and Health of the Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina
(b. 1932-)

Circa 1970 Member of the Executive Council Radmila Matić
(b. 1925)

Circa 1970 Undersecretary for Health and Social Politics Nevenka Novaković
(b. 1926)

1991-92 Member of the Presidency Biljana Plavšić
Member of Presidency of the "Serb republic of Bosnia i Hercegovina" 1992, Vice-President 1994-96 and President 1996-98 here.

1992-93 Minister for Social Affairs, Health and Labour Martina Raguz

1992-96 Member of the Presidency and of the Council of Minister Tatjana Ljujić-Mijatović
Ambassador to Austria and to UN in Vienna (Wien) from 1997.

1992-94 Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Sara Seklić

1994-95 Deputy Minister of Reconstruction Seadeta Ćerić
1996-98 Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Communication
Director of Sector of Foreign Economic Relations in Chamber of Commerce 1995-96.

Circa 1996 Deputy Minister of Trade Mirsada Ćurcic-Selimović

2000-01 Minister of European Integration Bisera Turković

From 2004 Ambassador to the United Nations in Vienna and 2005 to USA.

2000-01 Deputy Minister of the Treasury of the Institutions of Bosnia-Herzegovina Fatima Leho
Director of the National Bank of Bosnia, Governor of Hercegovina-Neretva 1996-97 and vice-governor 1997-98.

2000-01 Deputy Minister of European Integration Lidija Topić  
2002-03 Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs
3-05 Deputy Minister of
Foreign Affairs
Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations 1996-2000, Head of the Department for UN and Other International Organisations 2001-02 and Ambassador to the European Union from 2005. (b. 1967-).

2001-03 Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Azra Hadziahmetović

2001-03 Deputy Minister of European Integration Zora Marijanović

2001-03 Deputy Minister of Human Rights and Refugees Kadrija Haracic-Sabić

2001-02 Deputy Minister of the Treasury Gordana Ković

2003-07 Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Mila Gadzi

2003-07 Minister of Finance and the Treasury Ljerka Maric
Assistant Minister of Finance for Economy of The Bosnian Federation in 2000 and later Advisor of the Prime Minister.

2005 Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Ana Trišić-Babić
2005-07 Deputy Minister of Finance
2007- Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs until her appointment. She acted as minister for a few days when Mladen Ivanic had both resigned and been fired, but none-the-less he is still in office.

2006-07 Minister of Environment and Tourism Katica Cęrkez

2012- Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury Edita Djapo

2015- Minister of Defence Marina Pendeš
Deputy Minister of Defence 2004-15 and Acting Minister of Defence in 2007 of the Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina. (b. 1964-).

2015- Minister for Human Rights and Refugees Semiha Borovac
Assistant minister of justice of the Sarajevo Canton 1996-2000



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