Bolivia Parties

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Female Leaders of Parties of Bolivia
(Female suffrage 1952)

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1979-94 President of Partido Revolucionario de los Izquierda Nazional Gueiler Lidia Gueiler Tejada
Commander in the National Revolutionary Force and the only female head of a battalion in 1952, Subsecretary for Agriculture around 1978, President of Cámara de Diputados 1978-79, President of the Congress (and Vice-President of the Republic) 1979 (Aug.-Nov.)  President and Head of the Cabinet 1979-80, exile in France 1980-82, Ambassador in Embassy to West Gemany 1982-83, and to Venezuela 1983-86 and since 1993. She was deposed by the 129th Coup d'Etat in the history of Bolivia, shortly before elections was due. (b. 1921-)

2002-06 Parliamentary Leader in the Senate of the Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario Moira Paz Estenssoro Cortez

2002-? Parliamentary Leader in the Chamber of Deputies of the Movimiento Nacionalista Martha Carla Humérez Ruis

Circa 2005-ca. 2011 Leader of the Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario Mirtha Quevedo Acalinovic
Former Minister, President of the Senate
and Departemental Prefect

2006-08 President of the Social Democratic Force Adriana Gil
2008- Leader of Fuerza Demócrata
Vice-Presidential Candidate in 2014.

2010-ca. 2014 Parliamentary Leader of Movimiento al Socialismo in the Chamber of Deputies Emiliana Aiza
MAS is the government party.

Before 2014- Leader of the Green Party Margot Soria Saravia
Vice-Presidential Candidate in 2014.


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