Bhutan Ministers

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Female Ministers of the Kingdom of Bhutan/ Druk-yul (Realm of the Dragon) (Female Suffrage 1953/89 (First Female Member of the National Council in 1979)) An absolute Monarchy gradually becoming more constitutional and in 2008 it will become a full parliamentary democracy. The draft constitution also introduces limited female succession to the throne (princes have presidence over princesses)

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1972 (22.4-24.7) Regent Queen Ashi Kesang of Bhutan
She was appointed regent during the Illness of her husband, King Druk Gylapo Jingme Dorje Wngchuck (1959-72). Their son King Jingme Singye Wangchuk (1955/1972- ), succeeded him at the age of 17. (1930-)

1974-89 and 1991-96 King's Representative  in the Ministry of Finance H.R.H. Ashi Sonam Chhoden Wangchuck
1991-94 and 1997-98 King's Representative in the Ministry of Agriculture
1992-97 Second in the Cabinet
1996-97 Special Advisor in the Ministry of of Finance
1997-98 King's Representative in the Ministry of Agriculture
1998 Chair of Council of Ministers
The Princess has been chairperson of the Royal Insurance Corporation since 1975, Druk Air from 1980, the National Women's Association from 1981, the Royal Civil Service Commission 1982-91, the Royal Monetary Authority since 1982. Sister of the King, who was Chairman of the Council of Ministers until 1998, divorced from Dasho Thinley Dorji and mother of two children. (b. 1953-)

1976-85 King's Representative in the Ministry of Development H.R.H. Ashi Dechen Wangmo Wangchuck 
1985 Representative in Ministry of Agriculture, Communication and Tourism
1992-98 King's Representative in Ministry of Communication
1994-97 King's Representative in Ministry of Agriculture
Vice-Chairperson of the Planning Commission 1971-72, married to
Dasho Tshering Wangda and mother of two children. (b, 1954-)

1980-86 King's Representative in  the National Council for Social and Cultural Promotion H.R.H. Ashi Pema Lhaden Pem Pem Wangchuck
Married to Andee Barun Gurung and mother of one daughter (b.

2013- Minister of Works and Human Settlement
Dorji Chode

MP from  2013. Elected President of the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa party earlier in 2013, buth wen it did not qualify for the elections and she ran as a candidate for the People's Democratic Party and won by a large margin.


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