Bermuda Ministers

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Female Ministers of Bermuda (Universal Suffrage 1944) British Colony since 1609, self government in 1968

Also see Bermuda Parliament

1968-72 Minister of Health and Social Affairs Gloria Juanita McPhee
1972-76 Minister of Education and Libraries
1976-77 Minister of Planning, Housing and Environment

1981-82 Parliamentary Secretary of Community Development Ann F. Cartwright-DeCouto
1985-89 Minister of Health and Social Affairs
1989-92 Deputy Premier and Minister of Environment
1993-94 Minister of the Delegated and Legislative Affairs
She was MP 1980-98.

1992 Parliamentary Secretary of Community Development, Culture and Youth Pamela Felicity Gordon
1992-96 Minister of Youth, Sport and Recreation
1996-97 Minister of Environment, Planning and National Resources
1997-98 Premier (26.3-10.11.)
1997-98 Minister of Information and Attorney General
1998-2001 Leader of the Opposition (The Hon.)
Former Deputy Chairperson and 1997-2001 Leader of United Bermuda Party (b. 1954-)

1992-96 Parliamentary Secretary of Health Social Service, Housing and Education Cindy Trimm

1992-96 Parliamentary Secretary of Transport Patricia Gordon

1996-98 Minister of Community and Cultural Affairs Yvette V.A. Swan
1997-98 Minister of Women’s Issues
1998 Minister of Government and Community Service
Deputy Chairman of Bermuda Unity Party from 1999 and Senator. (b. 1944-)

1996-98 Minister of Legislative Affairs Linda Milligan-Whyte
1996-97 Minister of Women’s Issues

1998 Minister without Portfolio Margaret I. (Kim) Young

1998-2003 Premier Jennifer Meridith Smith (10.11-29.07) (The Hon)
1998-99 Minister of Education and Human Affairs
2002-03 Minister of Government Service
2010-12 Minister of Education (As Dame Jennifer Smith)
Deputy Opposition Leader 1994-96, Opposition Leader 1996-98 as Leader of the Progressive Labour Party, PLP. She was ousted by her own party three days after securing the government's reelection with a big majority.
Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly 2003-10. Later given the title of Dame. (1948-).

1998-2003 Minister of Legislative Affairs Dame Lois Marie Browne-Evans
1999-2003 Attorney General and Minister of Legislative Affairs (Third in Cabinet)
MP 1963-2003, Opposition Leader and Leader of the Progressive Labour Party 1968-72 and 1976-85 as the first female official Leader of the Opposition anywhere in the Commonwealth. From 1999 she held the title of Dame. She lived (1927-2007)

1998-2002 Minister of Labour and Home Affairs and Public Security Paula A. Cox
04 Minister of Education 
2002-03 Minister of Development 
04 Attorney General and Minister of Justice 
2003 Appointed Minister of Youth, Sport, Recreation and Culture
2004-12 Minister of Finance and Economic Development
2006-10 Deputy Premier
2010-12 Premier

After her fahter, Eugene Cox, died in January 2004 she took over his portfolio as Minister of Finance. During the party meeting which ousted Jennifer Smith her name was put forward for the post of Premier, but she declined. Acting Premier on various occations. Deputy Leader of the Progressive Labour Party 2006-10 and 2010-12. MP until 212. (b. 1969-)

1998-2 Minister of Telecommunication Maurine (Renee) Webb
04 Minister of Tourism and E-Commerce
Single, mother of an adopted daughter. (b. 1957-)

2002-03 Minister without Portfolio Neleetha Honey Butterfield
2003 Appointed Minister of Infrastructure
2003-06 Minister of Environment
2006 Minister of Education and Development

2006-07 Minister of Environment, Telecommunications and E-Commerce
2009-10 Minister of Culture and Social Rehabilitation
2010-12 Minister of Public Information Services

2002-03 Junior Minister of Finance and Community Affairs and Sport Patrice Kimberly Parris
2003-06 Minister of Health and Family Services
1 Minister of Business Development and Tourism (As Patrice Minors)

Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry, Community and Development
Senator 1998-2003 and MP 2003-12. (b. 1963-)

2003-04 Junior Minister Victoria Pearson
Senator 1998-2004.

2006-07 Junior Minister
for Social Rehabilitation and Community and Cultural Affairs Davita Marie Morris
Senator 2006-07. (b. 1981-).

2006-07 Junior Minister for Finance and Education, Sports and Recreation Kim Wilson
2007-10 Attorney General
2010 Acting Minister of Education
2010-11 Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry
2011-12 Leader of the Government in the Senate, Attorney General and Minister of Justice

Senator 2006-12 and MP since 2012. In 2012 she was nominated as a candidate for the post of party leader but declined to run.

2010-12 Junior Minister for Education, Youth Affairs and Community Development Laverne Furbert
Senator from 2010.

2012-13 Minister of Health and Seniors Patricia Gordon-Pamplin
2013- Minister of Public Works and Engineering
Senator 1988-99 and MP from 1999, Deputy Leader of United Bermuda Party 2007-08 and Acting Party Leader 2007-08. She is sister of former Premier Dame Pam Gordon.

2012-13 Minister without Portfolio
Leah Scott
2013- Junior Minister of Education
United Bermuda Party MP from 2012.

2012-13 Junior Minister of Environment, Planning Community and Cultural Development Alexis Swan
2013- Junior Minister of Community, Culture and Sports
Senator from 2012.

2012- Junior Minister of Health and Seniors Lynne Woolridge
Senator from 2012

2013- Deputy Governor Ginny Ferson
2016 Acting Governor (2.9.16-5.12)
Deputy Governor of Pitcairn 1999-2002 as First Secretary at the British High Commission in New Zealand and later Consul-General in Auckland

2014- Minister of Health and Seniors Jeanne Atherdon


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