Benin Ministers

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Female Ministers of La République du Bénin (Dahomy until 1975) (Female suffrage 1946/56) 1892 under French Administration, 1958 Independent republic within the French Community, independent 1960

Also see Benin Heads

1989 Minister of Public Health Rafiatou Karimou
2003-06 Minister of Primary and Secondary Education
President of the Parliament Group of Parti de Nation et Developpement 1999-2003. (b. 1946-)

1990-93 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Veronique Ahayo Ahogo
Director of Social Affairs 1975-90 and of ENAS 1977-90, Ambassador to Canada 1994-96.

1992-96 Minister of Public Health Veronique Lawson

1995 Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Affairs Kapuoe Koumourade Osseni

1995 Minister of Commerce Sikirath Kissira Aguemon
1995-96 Minister of Trade and Tourism

1995-96 Minister of Justice and Legislation, Keeper of the Seals Grâce d'Almeida Adamon

1995-96 Minister of Culture and Communication Félicienne Sophie Guinikoukou

1996-2001 Minister of Public Health Mariana d’Almeida-Massougbodji

1998-2000 Minister of Commerce, Handicrafts and Tourism Marie-Elyse Akovavi Gbedo
2011-13 Guardian of the Seals, Minister of Justice, Legislation and Human Rights
Presidential Candidate 2001 and 2006.

1998 Minister of Education and Scientific Research Conceptia Ouinsou
President of the Constitutional Court, becoming the 3rd in the State-hierarchy 1998-2008.

1998-200 Minister of Social Welfare and Women’s Condition Ramatou Baba-Moussa

Circa 1998-2005 Director of the Cabinet of the Presidency Celestine Zannou Wetohossou
Presidential Candidate in 2006.

2001-03 Minister of Family, Social Welfare and the Solidarity Claire Ayémona née Hougan

2001-05 Minister of Public Health Yvette-Céline Seignon née Kandissounon  

2003-05 Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training Léa Hounkpè
2005-06 Minister of Social Welfare and the Solidarity

2003-05 Minister of Social Protection and the Solidarity Massiatou Latoundji
Her name is also spelled Massiyathou Latoundji.

2005-06 Minister of Public Works and Transport Marie Jeanne Omichessan

2005-06 and 2011-15 Minister of Public Health Dr. Dorothée Akoko Gazard

2006-07 Minister of Foreign Affairs Mariam Aladji Boni épouse Diallo
Ambassador and General Secretary of the Ministry until her appointment.

2006-07 Minister of Health Flore Gangbo

2006 Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Colette Houéto

2006-07 Minister of the Family, Women and Children Guécadou Bawa Yorou épouse Orou Guidou
Also known as Yarou Djèkadou.

2006-11 Minister-Delegate by the Minister of Development, Economy and Finances, charged with the Micro-Finance and Promotion of Small and Middle-Sized Entreprises Sakinatou Abdou Alfa Orou épouse Sidi

2006-07 Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Evelyne Sossouhounto

2007-08 Minister of Primary Education, Alphabetisation and the National Languages Christine Ouinsavi
2008-11 Minister of Commerce

2007-08 Minister of Secondary Educaton, Professional and Technical Education Bernadette Sohoudji Agbossou
2007-08 Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Vicentia Bocco

2007-08 Minister of Family and Children Gnimbere Dansou

2007-08 Minister of Environment and Protection of the Nature Juliette Koudenoukpo Biaou

2008-13 Minister of Microfinance and Employment of Young Women Rékyath Madougou

2008-11 Minister of Family and Social Solidarity Mamatou Marie Joe Meba Bio épouse Djossou

2008-11 Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts Mamata Bako épouse Djouga
In the new government the ratio of women dropped from 23 till 13% and the two only female Prefects were replaced by men).

2011-12 Minister of Economy and Finances Adidjatou Mathys
2016- Minister of Labour, Civil Servants and Social Affairs

2011-13 Minister of Industry, Commerce, Small and Medium-Size Enreprises Madina Sephou

2011-13 Minister of Public Works and Labour Maïmouna Kora Zak

2011-13 Minister charged with the Institutions and the Religions Safiatou Bassabi

2011-13 Minister of the Family, Social Affairs, National Soliarity, the Disabled and Persons Seniors Fatouma Amadou Djibril
2013-15 Minister of Agriculture, Cattle and Fisheries

2012-13 Minister of Energy, Oil and Mining Research, Water Development and Renewable Energy Sophiat Onifadé
2013-14 Minister charged with Microfinance and Youth and Women's Employment Françoise Assogba
2014-15 Minister of Commerce, Industry and Microfinance

2013-14 Minister of Youth, Sport and Leisure Naomie Azaria Honhoui
2014-15 Minister of Family, Social Affairs, National Solidarity, Disabled and Seniors
2015-16 Minister of Microfinance

2013-15 Minister of Family, Social Affairs, National Solidarity with Disabled and Seniors Marie Laure Sranon Sossou
2014-15 Minister charged with Microfinance , Emloyment, Youth and Women

2013-14 Minister of Maritime Economy and Infrastructure of Ports Martine Françoise Dossa Adjouavi

2015-16 Guardian of the Seals, Minister of Justice and Human Rights Evelyne da Silva Epouse Ahouanto

2015-16 Minister of Maternal and Primary Education Eléonore Yayi Ladekan

2015-16 Minister of Youth Employment and Small and Medium-Sized Entreprises Nadine Dako épouse Tamadaho

2015-16 Minister of Family, Social Affairs, National Solidarity, the Disabled and Seniors Honorine Attikpa

2015-16 Minister of Decentralisation, Local Government, Administration and Territorial Planning Véronique Brun Hachémè

2015-16 Minister of Water Christine Gbédji Vyaho

2016 Minister of Family, Social Affairs, National Solidarity, Disabled and Seniors Clarisse Amoussou

2016- Minister of IT and Communication Rafiatou Monrou

2016- Minister of Higher Education and Science Marie-Odile Attanasso

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