Belize Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Ministers of Belize (till 1973 British Honduras) (Female Suffrage 1954)British Colony 1862-1981, Internal Autonomy 1964 and an independent Constitutional Monarchy in 1981

Also see Belize Heads of State for Queen and Governor General, and Belize Parliament

1965-69 Minister of Education and Housing and Social Service Gwendolyn Lizarraga
Her country’s first female MP 1961-69. She lived (1901-92)

1979-89 Parliamentary Secretary and Deputy Minister of Health Jane Usher
1984-89 Parliamentary Secretary of Housing and Co-operatives
Speaker of the House of the Senate 1989-93. (b. 1917-)

1993-98 Minister of State of Youth Development and Human Resources Faith Stuart Babb
Apparently she was concurrently Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives

1998-2003 Minister of Human Development, Women and Children and Civil Society Dolores Balderanos Garcia  
She was not re
-elected to the Parliament in 2003. 

2000-03 Minister of State of Industry Patricia Arceo  

2003-04 Minister of Defence and National Emergency Management Sylvia Flores
2004-08 Minister of Human Development
Minister of Housing
Former Mayor of Dangriga, she was Speaker of the House of Representatives
1998-2001 and President of the Senate 2001-03.

2007-08 Minister of Foreign Affairs Lisa Shoman
Ambassador to the USA and the Organisation of American States from 2000 until her appointment to the Senate and Cabinet. (b. 1964-)

2012-15 Minister of Energy, Science and Technology and Public Utilities Joy Grant
Appointed Senator in 2012

2012-15 Minister of Forestry, Fisheries, Sustainable Development and Indigenous Peoples Liselle Alamilla
Appointed Senator in 2012

2015- Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Vanessa Retreage
Appointed Senator in 2015

2015- Minister of State for Investment, Trade and Commerce Tracy Taegar Panton

2015- Minister of State for Immigration Beverly Castillo


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