Barbados Ministers
Female Ministers of Barbados (Female Suffrage 1951)British Crown Colony 1627-1966, internal self government 1954, 1958-62 member of the Federation of the West Indies and 1966 an independent Constitutional Monarchy

Also see Barbados Heads of State for Queen and Governor General, and Barbados Parliament

1966-71 Parliamentary Secretary of Education Odessa Gittens

1971-76 Parliamentary Secretary of Health and Welfare Gertrude L. Eastmond

1976-81 Minister of Health and Insurance Dame Billie Antoinette Miller
1981-86 Minister of Education
1985-86 Minister of Culture
1986-90 Leader of the Opposition Business in the Senate
1994-2001 Leader of the House
1994-2003 Deputy Prime Minister
1994-2008 Minister of Foreign Affairs
1994-95 Minister of Foreign Trade and International Business
1995-99 Minister of Tourism and International Transport
1999-2008 Minister of Foreign Trade
2003-2008 Senior Minister
MP from 1976 and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party from about 1990, Deputy Leader of the Opposition 1993-94, Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association 1996-99. In 2003 she was accorded the status and courtesies of a Senior Minister (b. 1944-).

1985-86 Parliamentary Secretary of Education and Culture Maizie Baker-Welch
1986-90 Parliamentary Secretary of Labour and Community Development
1990-94 Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister
1994 Parliamentary Secretary of Civil Service, Labour, Industrial Relations, Public Works and Community Development and Sports in the Office of the Prime Minister
Circa 1985-90 Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. (b. 1927-).

1994-99 Minister of Health H. Elizabeth Thompson
1994-99 Minister of Environment
2001- Minister of the Environment
2001-03 Minister of Physical Development
Minister of Housing and Lands
2006-08 Minister of Energy
MP until 2008 when she was appointed an opposition Senator.

1994-2001 Minister of Education, Culture and Youth Mia Mottley
2001-06 Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs and
2001-08 Leader of the House
2003-08 Deputy Prime Minister
2006-08 Minister of
Economic Affairs and Development
From 2001 also Member of the National Security Council and the Barbados Defence Board. She was Senator 1991-94 and a MP for the Barbados Labour Party since then. And former Party Secretary General. Party Leader and Leader of the Opposition 2008-10 and from 2013. (b. 1965-).

1994-95 Parliamentary Secretary of Education, Youth Affairs and Culture Cynthia Y. Forde
1995-99 Parliamentary Secretary of Finance and Economic Affairs
1999-2001 Parliamentary Secretary of Education, Youth Affairs and Culture
2001-08 Minister of State for Education, Youth Affairs and Culture          
Since circa 1999 3rd vice-Chairperson of Barbados Labour Party. (b. 1952-).

2003 Minister of Labour and Social Security Lynette Eastmond
2003-08 Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development
Senator and Second Vice-Chairperson of the Bermuda Labour Party.

2008-10 Minister of Family, Youth Affairs, Sports Esther Byer-Suckoo
2008 Minister of Environment
2010- Minister of Labour
2013- Minister of Social Security and Human Resource Development
A senator

2008 Minister in the Prime Minister's Office and Leader of Government Business in the Senate Maxine McClean
2008- Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

2008 Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Community Development and Culture Irene Sandiford-Garner
2008-10 Parliamentary Secretary in the Prime Minister's Office
2010-13 Parliamentary Secretary of Health
2013- Parlimanentary Secretary of Tourism and International Transport
She is a Senator.

2012 Acting Governor-General Sandra Mason
She is a judge of the Supreme Court.



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