Bahamas Ministers Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Ministers of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas (Female Suffrage 1961/64)British Colony 1763-1973, which had already got its own parliament in 1728 and achieved internal autonomy in 1964, before becoming an independent Constitutional Monarchy in 1973

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1968-69 Minister without Portfolio and Leader of the Government in the Senate Dame Doris Louise Johnson
1969-72 Minister of Transport
As Speaker of the Senate 1973-83 she was also Acting Governor General, that is Deputy Head of State. She lived (1921-83)

1973- Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commenwealth (10.7-)
Queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1952. (b. 1926- )

1980-86 Secretary to the Cabinet Margaret E. McDonald
She was Ambassador to United States, Organization of American Countries, Jamaica and several Latin American Countries 1986-92. She lived (1922-2001)

1987-92 Minister of Youth and Sport Pamela Gordon

1988-92 Parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet Office Ruby Ann Darling

1992-94 Minister of Social Services, National Insurance and Housing Janet Gwenett Bostwick
1994-95 Minister of Justice and Immigration
1994-95 Attorney General
1994-2002 Minister of Foreign Affairs
1995-2002 Minister of Women's Affairs
1999-2001 Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs 
Crown Councel 1971-74, Crown Prosecutor 1972-74. In 1977 she was the first female MP and was defeated in the 2002-elections. 1998 she was the first woman to act as Prime Minister during the absence from the country of both the Premier and Vice-Premier, she later acted on various other occations. Married to The Hon. John Bostwick who was President of the Senate 1992-2002, they are parents of 3 children. (b. 1939-)

1992-2001 Leader of The Government in the Senate Dr. Ivy Leona Dumont
1992 Minister of Works and Utilities
1992-94 Minister of Social Affairs and Environment
1994-95 Minister of Health and Environment
1995-2001  Minister of Education, Youth (Created Dame)
1995-99 Minister of  Sport and Culture
2001-02 Acting Governor-General (13.11-01.01)
2002-05 Governor General (Rt. Hon.) (01.01-30.11)

Deputy Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Works and Utilities 1975- 78, Secretary General of The National Movement Party 1990-92 and senator for a number of years. In 1999 she acted as Foreign Minister during the absence of the minister. (b. 1930- )

1992-94 Minister of Transport and Communication Theresa Maria Moxey-Ingraham
1994-95 Minister of Social Development and National Insurance
1995-97 Minister of Health and Environment
1997-99 Minister of Labour, Immigration and Training 
1999-2000 Minister of Agriculture, Commerce and Industry
Leader of the Opposition in the Senate 1986-92. (b. 1956-)

1997-2001 Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Planning Daphne Annette Duncombe-Cooper

2001-02 Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Premier Minister Lindy Tornquest Russell

2002-07 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Security Cynthia A. Pratt
2005 Acting Prime Minister and Acting Minister of Finance (03.05-22.06)
Also known as "Mother" Pratt. As Minister of Security she was in charge of the Defence Force and Police. She was Opposition Whip 1997-2002 and  Deputy Leader of the Opposition 1998-2002 and 2007-09 as Deputy Leader of the Progressive Liberal Democratic Party 2002-09. Acting Prime Minister on a number of occations when the Prime Minister was abroad. When he suffered a stroke in May 2005 she took over his tasks. She is a former nurse, she is mother of 6 children (b. 1945-).

2002-06 Minister of Financial Services and Investments Allyson Maynard-Gibson
2006-07 and 2012- Attorney General, Minister of Legal Affairs and Leader of the Government in the Senate
In June 2002 she acted as Foreign Minister during the absence of the minister, MP 2002-07, Senator from 2007 and Leader of the Opposition Business in the Senate 2007-12. (b. 1957-).

2002-07 and 2012- Minister of Social Services and Community Development Melanie Griffin

2002-07 and 2012- Minister for Transport and Aviation Glenys Hanna-Martin
Chairperson of the Progressive Liberal Democratic Party from 2008. (b. 1958-).

2002-07 Parliamentary Secretary to the Office of the Prime Minister in Freeport Ann Percentie

2002-07 Parliamentary Secretary of Education V. Veronica Owens
MP from 2002. (b. 1956-).

2002-07 Parliamentary Secretary of Tourism Agatha Marcelle

2007-08 Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Claire Hepburn
Lawyer and Law Professor. Senator 2007-08 and Supreme Court Judge in 2008. (b. 1945-).

2007-08 Minister of State for Immigration in the Ministry of National Security Elma Campbell
Senator 2007-08 and Ambassador to China from 2008. (b. 1955-).

2007-12 Minister of State for Social Development in the Ministry of Health and Social Development Loretta Butler-Turner
Former Deputy Chairperson of the Free National Movement its Deputy Leader and Deputy Opposition Leader from 2012 and MP since 2007. (b. 1961-).

2007-12 Parliamentary Secretary for the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for the Broadcasting Corporation and the Information Services Kay Forbes-Smith
Appointed Senator in 2007.

2012- Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Aviation Hope Strachan

2012- Parliamentary Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Cleola Hamilton

2014- Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling

Married to Sir. Lynden Pindling (1930-2000) who was Prime Minister of the Colony of Bahamas 1967-73 and of independent Bahamas 1973-92 and Deputy to the Governor General 2012-14. (b. 1932-).


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