Azerbaijan Ministers Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Ministers of Azarbaijan/ Azarbaijan Respublikasy/ Azärbayjan Respublikasi
(Female Suffrage 1919) An old Emirate was divided between Russia and Persia in the 19th Century. In 1918 a soviet government was established, the white (conservative) forces were in power until 1920 when the soviet republic was restored. Azerbaijan acceded to the USSR in 1922 and declared its independence in January 1990, recognized 30.8.91

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No information prior to 1955. 

The transcription from Russian of the Azerbaijani word for "daughter-of" used to be Kyzy, but the present Azerbaijani version is gizi.

1957-59 Chairperson of the Committee for Science and Technology at the Council of Ministers
1959-83 Minister of Foreign Affairs
1963-68 Deputy Premier Minister Tahira Akber gyzy Tahirova

Also known as Tahira Tahirova or
Taira Akper-Kyzy Tairova, she lived (1913-91)

1963-? Vice-President S.M. Mamedaliyeva

1963-65 Chairperson of the Committee for Higher and Special Education, Council of Ministers
1965-70 Minister of Higher and Special Education Zuleikha Ismail-Kyzy Guseinova

Another version of her name is Zuleykha Ismayil gyzy Huseynova

1965/66 Minister Social Affairs L.P. Lykova

1965 Minister of Local Government Z.G. Seidmamedova

1966 Minister of Social Affairs N.B. Gasanova

1971-78 Head of the Central Committee Department of Agriculture L.D. Radzhabova

1974 Minister of Public Service/Consumers Protection Zuleikha Mageran Kyzy Gasanova

1979 Minister of Trade Svetlana Chingvitz-Kyzy Kasimova
1992-94 Chairperson of the Committee of Labour and Social Affairs in the Council of Ministers
Deputy Chairperson of the Supreme Soviet 1975-79.

1980-83 Minister of Education Elmira Makail-Kyzy Kafarova
1983-87 Minister of Foreign Affairs
1987-89 Deputy Premier Minister
1989 Premier Minister
1989-90 Chairperson of the Supreme Soviet and Head of State (22.6.89-18.5.90)
1990-92 President of the Parliament/ Supreme Soviet
First Secretary of the Communist Party of Baku 1971-80, Member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 1989-90. She ived (1934-93)

1982-89 Deputy Minister of Consumer Service Nailya Agadodash-Kyzy Bagirova
1989-91 Minister of Consumer Service
1991-92 Minister for Public Works (Communal Service)
Civil Servant in the Ministry of Finance 1953-82. (1939-)

1987-95 Deputy Minister of Justice Sudaba Jamshid gizi Hasanova (Gasanova)
1996-2000 Minister of Justice 
Former judge and from 2000 Chairperson of the Supreme Court

1991-93 Minister of Social Affairs and Labour
1993 Minister of Education
1994-2000 Minister of Education Lidiya Khudat Khodd gizi Rasulova

1993-94 State Secretary in President's Office Dr. Lala Shovket Gadijeva
Also known as Lale Shevket, Lale Şövket Hacıyeva or Hajiyeua, she was appointed UN-Ambassador in 1994 but newer took up the position, from 1995 chairperson of the Liberal Party and 2003 Presidential Candidate. (b. 1951-).

1997-2003 Presidential Advisor on Humanitarian Issues Fatma Abdullazade

1998 Acting Minister of Information and Affairs Nariman Hassan-Zade

Circa 1999- Deputy Minister of Culture Dr. Sevda Yusif gizi Mamedaliyeva
Professor of
Social philosophy (b. 1946-)

Circa 1998-circa 2003 Deputy Minister of Health Zemfira Guseinova
Around 2000-08 Chairperson of the State Committee on Women Issues Zahra Tahir gizi Guliyeva

2001-03 Minister of State


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