Andorra Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Ministers of the Principality of Andorra/ Principat d’Andorre/ Principado de Andorra or Les Valls d'Andorrà/ Les Valées d'Andorre (Female Suffrage 1970, right to stand for elections 1973) The sovereignty passed from the last Queen of Navarre to the kings of France and today the President, who is co-prince together with the Spanish Bishop of Urgell. The principality achieved sovereignty in 1993 and became a member of the United Nations.

See also Heads of State and Parliament

1985-89 and 1993-94 Minister for Public Service Mercé Sansa Renyer

1985-89 Secretary General of Tourism and Sport Monserrat Roncheras Santacreu
The Secretaries Generals are eqvivalent to State Secretaries. She held it as an independent resort.

1989 and 1992-93 Minister for Health, Labour and Social Affairs Bibiana Rossa i Miró Tores
Public Prosecutor/judge 1979-89,
Mayor of Canillo 1995-2003 as one of the first two female mayors. (b. 1960- ).

1994 Minister for Education, Sport and Youth Rosa Maria Mandico Alcobe

1994-2000 Minister of Finance Susangna Arasanz Serra
Secretary General of the Conceil Generall 1991-94.

1994-98 Minister for Education and Sport Carme Sala Sansa
Ambassador to the Council of Europe until 2006, to the
European Union, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Slovenia 2006-08, to Poland from 2007 and to Germany from 2008.

1995-98 Secretary of State for Health in the Ministry of Health and Welfare Lidia Magallon Font  

Circa 1997-2008 Secretary of State for Family Affairs in the Ministry of Health and Welfare Sílvia Gabarre Iglesias

1997-98 Secretary of State of Agriculture Olga Adellach Coma
1998-2001 and 2001-08 Minister of Agriculture and Environment 
Member of the General Council 1992-93 and 2001. (b. 1966-)

1997-2001 Secretary General of Public Relations and Human Resources Mònica Codina Tort
05 Minister of Health and Welfare  
Vice-President of the Parliament from 2011. (b. 1962-)

1998-2004 Secretary General of the Government Joaqiuma Sol Ordis

1999-2001 Secretary General of Finance Mireia Maestra Cortadella
05 Minister of Finance
All three Secretary Generals were women in 1999. (b. 1971-)

2001-08 Secretary of State for Health in the Ministry of Health and Welfare Montserrat Camps Gallart

2001-05 Secretary of State for Welfare in the Ministry of Health and Welfare Montserrat Gil Torné
2005-09 Minister of
Health, Social Welfare and Family
2005-08 Government Spokesperson
2008-09 Minister of Housing
Former Civil Servant. Secretary of the Consell General from 2009. (b. 1966-).

2001-08 Secretary of State of Justice and Interior Montserrat Alonso Zamarreño

2005-07 Minister of Housing, Youth, Higher Education and Recearch Meritxell Mateu i Pi
2006-07 Government Spoksesperson
2007-09 Minister of Foreign Affairs
In 2005, the new chief of government had indicated that he wanted her to serve as Foreign Minister, but for some reason this did not happen. She was Ambassador to France, Council of Europe and UNESCO 1995-97, Ambassador to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg from 1997 the following year also to the Netherlands, from 1999 to Denmark and from 2001 to Slovenia. (b. 1966-).

2005-09 Minister of Education and Professional Training Roser Bastida Areny
2008-09 Minister of Youth and Sports
Former College Professor and Director in the Ministry of Education. (b. 1956-)

2005-08 Secretary of State of Heritage and Youth Maria Pubill Armengol
2005-09 Secretary of State Higher Education and Recearch

2005-09 Chief of the Cabinet of the Chief of Government Anna Zamora Puigcercós

2007-09 Chief of Protocol Roser Suñé Pascuet
2011-15 Minister of Education, Sports and Youth
Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN 1998-2002, Ambassador to Sweden, Norway and Finland 1999-2005, Director in the Foreign Ministry until 2007.

2008-09 Minister of the Presidency Conxita Marsol Riart
Parliamentary Leader of the Liberals 2005-08.

2008-09 Secretary of State of Finance for Civil Service Maria Eugènia Duró Gaset

2009-11 Minster of Education, Culture and Youth Susanna Vela Palomares

2009-10 Minister of Health, Social Affairs and Labour Cristina Rodríguez Galan
2011-15 Minister of Health and Welfare

2009-10 Secretary of State of Tourism Valerie Lackner Cros

2009-11 Secretary of State of Culture Clara Vives Lorenzo 

2010-11 Minister of Health, Social Affairs and Labour Sílvia Bonet Perot

2010-11 Chief of the Cabinet of the Chief of Government Marian Sanchiz Rego

2010-11 Secretary of State of Equality and Welfare Magda Mata Font

2010-11 Secretary of State of Education Dolors Carmona Filella

2015- Minister of Relations with the Institions, Social Affairs and Labour Maria Rosa Ferrer Obiols

2015- Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability Silvia Calvó Armengol

2015- State Secretary of the Head of teh Government for Institutional Relations Consol Naudi Baixench

2015- Secretary of State of Finance for International Affairs Clàudia Cornella Durany

2015- Secretary of State of Justice and Interior Eva Descarrega Garcia

2015- Secretary of State of Social Affairs and Employment Ester Fenoll Garcia

2015 Secretary of State of Employment Caterina Juan

2015- Secretary of State of Turism and Commerce Neus Soriano Vidal



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