Albania Local Leaders

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Female Albania Local Leaders

Circa 1997-99 Prefect Makbule Ceco, Tirana
In 1999 she became deputy premier of the country

Circa 1997 Chairperson of Regional Council of Tirana N.N.
There was one other Regional Chairwoman, and 2 of the 65 Mayors were female

2000-04 Prefect Rajmonda Vangjel Stefa, Fier
From 2005 Secretary of the National Assembly

2010-13 Prefect Mimoza Çomo, Gjirokastra

2011-13 Prefect Voltana Ademi, the Shkodër District
Deputy Chairperson of the Municipality of Shkodra 2003-07, Advisor of the City Council 2007-11.

2013-15 Prefect Zamira Rami, Gjirokastra
Socialist Candidate for the 2013 elections

2013 Prefect Aljona Mansaku, Tirana

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